Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Tips from Street Team HQ

Here are a few tips from Street Team HQ to get you earning credit quickly! 

This is an easy one as you all look amazing in Motel but theres nothing wrong with making a special effort and getting noticed! Don't forget to wear your I ♥ Motel tote bag packed full of your discount flyers.
That way when people ask "where did you get that?" and you can answer "Motel Rocks" and hand them a flyer with your discount code! Crafty!

This is probably our street teamers favourite way to share their discount code with thousands of girls with a simple click of a button! You can share your code on your own personal facebook page, twitter account and blog but NOT (and this is a disciplinary offence) on any of the Motel Rocks social media sites. 
It's a simple rule but a big one. 
And with our FREE Street Team blog button it's even easier to share and get earning!

Sometimes the old ways are the best, simply tell all those around you how much you love Motel Rocks! 
Then when you can offer them a 20% discount with your discount code they'll be very happy and you can watch the store credit roll in! (and get ready to make more friends!)
Good friends share everything and your Motel discount code is no different! Maybe your friend would like to become a street teamer too? There's nothing like a bit of friendly competition - which one of you will be the next street teamer of the month? Which one will earn the most credit? The most important thing is to share your discounts so your both winners!
Students are a big part of our street team as many of our members are...students! If you are one, thats great! With all those club nights, gigs and parties you'll be going to you'll be sharing your discount code with lots of people and that means lots of store credit, yay! (and it can go towards all those fab Motel party dresses)
Here at Street Team HQ we like to think we're a creative bunch and we always encourage our teamers to be creative too. Maybe you want to host a Motel Rocks Party? Maybe you want to organise a Motel rocks fashion show or even wear your discount code on a t-shirt! Which ever way you want to promote your discount code be creative and let us know what your up to! Just be sensible and have fun!
Now you've learnt some helpful tips to help you earn more credit its time to get out into the big, wide world and share your love for Motel Rocks! 

Got any tip ideas of your own? Get in touch! 

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