Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Fashion Week Task Winners!

So here we have them, our very stylish winners! 
And the winner of our Fashion Week Styling Task is...
Kathryn Adams from Legs11eleven Blog
We love her matching and her precise choses, LOVE IT!!!  

And our Best Dresses Teamer is...
Hannah McIntyre from Doodleheartx blog
We just love her choice of accessories that perfectly match our Motel dress! 
And those die for! 

And lastly the winner of our Style Spotter Task goes to...
Tia O'marde from Amortee blog

We love the fact that she was at London fashion week and that she shred her amazing collection with us! Take a look! 

Wow, what fashionistas we have here on the street team! This was ALOT of fun to judge so more to come soon we think! PLUS we had so many great entrees we'll pop some of our favs on soon! 


  1. ahh yay i won something! so happy! thank you so much! xxx

  2. love the outfits! great post :)