Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Guest Post - "Sisters are doing it for themselves"

Here at the ST HQ we love getting to know our teamers and when we realised that two of our teamers were sisters we had to know more! Here's their guest post 
"Hey Everyone,
When Laura asked us if we'd like to write a post about being sisters in the Motel Street Team we jumped at the chance; there are so many benefits to being a teamer when your sister's on board too!For one thing, there's the code swapping; what could be better than earning credit every time your sister buys a new outfit? (Which, for us, is pretty often!) Not to mention the 20% off our fave brand- genius!

With Christmas coming up why not add a cheeky item or two in their Xmas stocking? This is where the casual share of your Wish List or (not so) subtle hints to your bestest sister comes in. (Jody, it IS my birthday next month...)

Because of the many perks of being on the Street Team, we're always keen to spread the word and get our discount codes out there ( 'Crowbabyy' and 'sophiedrawbridgex'- hey, free advertising!) so it's handy when you have a sister to re-blog and promote for you- sharing is caring, after all! 
Here are the links to our blogs, why not take a peek?!

When it comes to choosing that killer outfit, it's always good to get a second opinion. Who better to give an honest answer than your sister, even if it's not always what you want to hear... Needless to say, there are plenty of Motel New Arrivals which have our seal of approval, here are our faves: 

Sophie's Picks:
The Lilo Cut-Out Mini Dress in Black with Bronze Trim? Yes please! Teamed with studded heels, leather jacket, smoky eyes and stacks of gold jewellery- a là rock chick!  

You can never have too many jackets. Especially if they're leather. Loving the colour of this Courtney faux leather jacket-  the perfect statement piece!

Jody's Picks:
   I've never been brave enough to give playsuits a go, but I'd make an exception for this beauty! Loving the off-the-shoulder style of      the Katherine playsuit.
I'd team the Motel Tess Shirt in Sheer Black with skinny jeans, biker boots, red lips and big hair for attitude!

As sisters, we often have to 'agree to disagree', but neither of us could resist the charm of the super cute Pearl Strapless Skater Dress in White Rosa Print!

We hope that you've enjoyed reading our post!" 
Jody and Sophie x

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