Tuesday, 28 January 2014

December Street Teamer of the Month…Elizabeth Rush!

Tell us a bit about yourself 

I am a full time working mummy with a huge passion for being 'fashionable' still haha! I currently run my own childrens clothing business called Little Fox Boutique as well as working for a University!
 What inspires your fashion style/your fave type of thing to wear? 

I am hugely inspired by my students at work! Im only 26 and love to see what prints and styles students around me are wearing to keep up to date with current trends! I use my Motel street team commision to buy my work attire and today at work I am wearing the tartan print shift dress teamed with tights and heels! I live in dresses and tartan and monochrome is still a huge part of my trend at the moment!
Your fave season for dressing and why?

My favourite season is definately Summer! Being a mummy I try and spend as much time outside.. I love babydoll and tea style dresses for this season!

Best thing about being part of Motel street team and why you love Motel? 

The best thing about being a street teamer is giving my promo code to all of my friends and students! They love getting a discount on their orders and I always tell them about new arrivals / hot prints Motel are renound for! My sisters and friends also love me as they get little gifts from me!

Well done Elizabeth! We can't wait to see who will be Januarys' Street Teamer of the Month!

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