Friday, 21 November 2014

The Street Team is leaviiiiing

Hello lovely Street Teamers!

I am posting to let you know that as of this week, the Street Team will be closing its doors to make way for an exciting new Motel project. On behalf of myself and the entire Motel team, we want to say an absolutely MASSIVE thank-you for all of your hard work and involvement with the Street Team. We have loved seeing and hearing all of the awesome promotions that you have conducted and whilst we’re saying goodbye to the Street Team, we have a really exciting new project to announce in due course.

Your credit that you have earned will remain in your Motel account to spend at your leisure and do stay tuned for further emails from me regarding all our fun Motel activity and happenings and a VERY exciting new project coming soon!

We are also keeping your discount code live for your own personal use, so you can get 20% off your Motel purchases.

Thanks again for all of your amazing hard work and I look forward to working with you again soon :)

Analise x

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