Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Tips for Teamers!

The Street Team has been in full swing since mid July now and we have been sooo amazed by the amount of love out there for Motel Rocks! Our team is now well over 1000 members and getting bigger every day! We love our teamers and want to help you guys out when ever we can. 

So as a thank you for just being so darn fabulous we decided to share some of our favourite ways teamers share their codes and make credit, YES! We also have some other ideas on a past post that you can see here: Tips from Street Team HQ

1. Out and About
Some of our best teamers are pretty crafty and this teamer made her own stickers! 
Its a great way to get your code seen by LOTS of people but do remember to be careful where you tag, and always try to get permission.  

Or why not be artistic and design your own cards with your code on it like Beccy here - LOVE IT! 

2. Make the most of facebook
We encourage our teamers to make their own "Code swapping" pages and groups - this is great as you can swap codes all day long and know where to find them! If you're not in one make a page today!
(for more details see our "Do's & Don'ts" page)

Grab yourself a facebook banner! Its super easy and will get your code noticed!
 Just email me at with your code. 

3. Bloggin' it up!
LOTS of our teamers are bloggers and as you well know its fun! A great way to get those sales coming in is writing as post about your favourite Motel pieces the offering your code, who can resist! 

4. Take Advantage! 
We like our teamers to make the most out of every opportunity they get to share the Motel Rocks love and we love these girls! Very clever!
Love what Hannah Fuller did at a local fashion show -genius! 

5. Arty types
Theres nothing like being creative so heres some examples for you: 
Make fancy tags-you can give them out and add them to a pressie!
Wear it! We love these Motel Rocks nails and way not paint your code on too! Super hot! 

As if that wasn't enough, heres some more from very helpful teamers on our facebook group:

"Even before I became a Street Teamer, I'd always tell my friend's boyfriends to use a code from a street teamer blog. I always find that guys struggle to find birthday presents, so appreciate the help from friends. It also means they could get her a gorgeous item of clothing and a little something more due to the discount."

"I live next to a university, and the other day the shopping centre had a 'student lock in' night, with all students turning up for discounts at the shops! However, there was an extremely long queue, so before I went in, I handed out flyers to people along the queue! Because I knew these students were looking for discounts, and thought would probably prefer discount at motel than gap."

Hope you've been inspired and please comment below if you have any of your own tips you'd like to share!