Monday, 16 December 2013

November Street Teamer of the Month...Leanne Woodfull!

Check out Leanne's blog 'thunderandthreads' here!

Tell us a bit about yourself 
I'm Leanne Woodfull, a fashion and beauty blogger from Dublin. I recently moved to London and I'm loving it!

What inspires your fashion style/your fave type of thing to wear? 
Everything from movies to music to street-style. I would describe my style as Morticia Addams meets Courtney Love.

Your fave season for dressing and why? 
I love wearing black; PVC, faux leather and sheer items are my fave! Summer, probably because I tend to wear a lot of crop tops and shorts - Winter tends to not be the most suitable for that!

Best thing about being part of Motel street team and why you love Motel!
4. I've literally adored Motel since it began and it was one of the first companies to ever support me as a blogger - I'll never forget that! The street teaming is a heap of fun; a great way to treat your readers with the discount code - and yourself with the credits!

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