Thursday, 12 December 2013

October Street Teamer of the Month...Tar Mar!

Check out Tar Mar's blog 'tarmartales'

Tell us a bit about yourself 
I'm a 21 year old Irish fashion student living in Belfast, and I blog about my personal fashion and beauty ramblings on my website where I post my outfits and youtube videos!
What inspires your fashion style/your fave type of thing to wear?
 I don't spend much time reading magazines so I get most of my fashion inspiration from blogs, my favourite shopping pages, or trend forecasting sites. I love looking at trends a year or two in advance, you can get so much mileage out of the pieces you choose that way! This year I've been really into capsule pieces that you can just pick up and match with anything, like a super glam or grungy piece from Motel! Since winter has set in my absolute favourite thing to style up has been colourful coats & jackets. So many awesome outfits can end up hidden with a big black boring coat, so why not have a bit of fun with outer wear too right? 
Your fave season for dressing and why? 
 My favourite season to style has always been summer, you can play with styling your outfits so much more when the feel-good sun is out!
Best thing about being part of Motel street team and why you love Motel!?
 I love being a Street Teamer because I get to spread the Motel Rocks love, style my favourite Motel picks, & of course thank my readers with my Motel Rocks discount code!

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